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'Eyes on the Prize': The Struggle for Civil Rights in America AMS-30035 Module
A Beginner's Guide to Contemporary America AMS-10022 Module
Alfred Hitchcock's America AMS-20061 Module
American Studies Dissertation AMS-30036 Module
English and American Literature Dissertation AMS-30039 Module
Eyes on the Prize: The Struggle for Civil Rights in America (Part II) AMS-30045 Module
Film Noir: The Dark Side of America AMS-30037 Module
From Modernity to Counter-Culture: American Literature and Social Criticism in the Twentieth Century AMS-20065 Module
High Culture: Drink, Drugs and the American Dream AMS-40040 Module
High Culture: Drink, Drugs, and the American Dream AMS-30038 Module
History of the United States in the Twentieth Century AMS-20063 Module
New York, New York: An Introduction to American Culture AMS-10024 Module
Rebels, Bandits and Outcasts in Colonial American History (1607-1776) AMS-20079 Module
Silence, Strength and Sentiment: Gender and Sexuality in Nineteenth-Century American Writing AMS-30031 Module
Starting Out: An Introduction to American Literature AMS-10025 Module
The American Past: Explorations in U.S. History AMS-10026 Module
The Detective and the American City AMS-20058 Module
The New World in Chains: Slavery and the Bonds of Race in America, 1619- 1877 AMS-20073 Module
The Romance of Fiction: History and Society in Nineteenth Century American Literature AMS-20064 Module
The whole United States is southern! The Modern South and America AMS-30041 Module
Transatlantic Gothic AMS-10027 Module
Violence and Power in Antebellum America AMS-30043 Module
Violence and Power in Civil War America AMS-30042 Module
Words and Pictures: the Contemporary American Graphic Novel AMS-30030 Module

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