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Name Code Type
A Guide to Sex and Survival LSC-00005 Module
Advanced Laboratory Techniques LSC-40033 Module
Animal Adaptations LSC-20071 Module
Applied Insect Ecology LSC-30003 Module
Applied Life Sciences Placement - ISP LSC-30019 Module
Applied Regenerative Medicine LSC-30068 Module
Biodiversity, Ecology and the Environment LSC-10062 Module
Biology of Disease - ISP LSC-30015 Module
Case Studies in Biotechnology LSC-30051 Module
Cellular Genetics and Evolution LSC-10072 Module
Clinical Pathology LSC-30009 Module
Communication Skills for Biologists LSC-30059 Module
Conservation Biology LSC-30043 Module
Current Topics in Biology LSC-20074 Module
Developmental Biology LSC-30054 Module
Double Applied Life Sciences Placement - ISP LSC-30038 Module
Human Evolution LSC-30030 Module
Human Genetics LSC-20050 Module
Human Parasitology LSC-30036 Module
Life at the extremes LSC-20055 Module
Life at the extremes (semester 2) LSC-20054 Module
Life Sciences Dissertation LSC-30050 Module
Life Sciences Double Experimental Project (with research skills assessment) LSC-30045 Module
Life Sciences Single Experimental Project (with research skills assessment) - ISP LSC-30048 Module
Living Together: Behaviour, Co-operation and Conflict LSC-20062 Module
Nutrition and Energy Balance LSC-20052 Module
Physiology and Anatomy LSC-10074 Module
Plants: Sex, Drugs and Alcohol LSC-10054 Module
Research and Analytical Skills LSC-20056 Module
Trees in their Environment LSC-30017 Module
Tropical Biology Field Course LSC-30066 Module
Understanding Animal Behaviour LSC-10053 Module

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