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Advanced Chemical Analysis CHE-30032 Module
Advanced Organic Chemistry CHE-30039 Module
Advanced Physical and Inorganic Chemistry CHE-30056 Module
Advanced Topics in Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry CHE-40048 Module
Advanced Topics in Forensic Analysis FSC-30019 Module
Analytical Science: Principles and Practice FSC-40003 Module
Chemical Kinetics, Photochemistry and Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms CHE-30038 Module
Chemical Structure and Reactivity CHE-10063 Module
Chemistry Connections CHE-10085 Module
Chemistry/Medicinal Chemistry Dissertation CHE-30051 Module
Chemistry/Medicinal Chemistry Research Project CHE-30050 Module
Digital Forensics FSC-20013 Module
Environmental and Sustainable Chemistry CHE-10065 Module
Evaluation of Evidence, Explosives and Arson FSC-30007 Module
Forensic Evidence: at the Crime Scene and in the Court FSC-40007 Module
Forensic Geoscience FSC-30013 Module
Forensic Science Team Research Project - ISP FSC-30015 Module
Forensic Toxicology FSC-30017 Module
Industrial Chemistry CHE-20037 Module
Interpretation, Evaluation & Presentation of Evidence - ISP FSC-30005 Module
Introductory Environmental Chemistry CHE-10044 Module
Materials Chemistry and Catalysis CHE-30043 Module
MChem Medicinal Chemistry Research Project CHE-40034 Module
MChem Research Project CHE-40021 Module
MChem Research Training CHE-40050 Module
Mechanisms of Drug Action CHE-30058 Module
Molecular Chemistry and Reactions CHE-20055 Module
MSci Independent Project CHE-40026 Module
Physical and Structural Chemistry CHE-20059 Module
Physical and Structural Chemistry (Combined Honours) CHE-20065 Module
Practical and Professional Chemistry Skills CHE-10061 Module
Principles of Drug Design CHE-20081 Module
Spectroscopy and Molecular Structure CHE-20083 Module
Sustainable Chemistry CHE-20032 Module
Synoptic Topics in Chemistry CHE-30046 Module
Topics in Chemistry CHE-30037 Module
Topics in Medicinal Chemistry CHE-30044 Module

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