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Contemporary Challenges In Criminal Justice CRI-40029 Module
Criminal Justice: Process, Policy, Practice CRI-10013 Module
Dissertation for Criminology - ISP CRI-30046 Module
Drugs: High Crimes or Misdemeanours? CRI-30049 Module
Environmental crimes CRI-30051 Module
Global Issues in Crime and Justice CRI-20016 Module
Introduction to Criminology CRI-00003 Module
Investigating Crime: Criminological Perspectives CRI-10014 Module
Mental Health & Offending CRI-20022 Module
Murder CRI-10011 Module
Placement in Criminology CRI-30050 Module
Policing and the Police CRI-20021 Module
Popular Culture and Crime CRI-30045 Module
Prisons and Imprisonment CRI-30044 Module
Psychology and Crime CRI-10012 Module
Punishment: Beyond the Popular Imagination CRI-10015 Module
Research Methods in Criminology CRI-20020 Module
State Crimes and Crimes against Humanity CRI-30038 Module
Surveillance, Crime and Society CRI-30054 Module
The Politics and Cultures of the Death Penalty in the 21st Century CRI-30041 Module
Theory and Practice CRI-40027 Module
Understanding Crime CRI-10010 Module
Working for Justice CRI-20015 Module

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