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Advanced Databases and Applications CSC-30002 Module
Advanced Information Systems CSY-30001 Module
Advanced Programming Practices CSC-20004 Module
Advanced Web Technologies CSC-30025 Module
Bioinformatics CSC-30022 Module
Cloud Computing CSC-40039 Module
Collaborative Application Development CSC-40038 Module
Communications and Networks CSC-30012 Module
Computational Intelligence I CSC-20023 Module
Computational Intelligence II CSC-30020 Module
Computer Animation and Multimedia CSC-10026 Module
Computing in Education CSC-30021 Module
Cybercrime CSC-10025 Module
Database Systems CSC-20002 Module
Distributed Intelligent Systems CSC-40045 Module
Fundamentals of Computing CSC-10029 Module
Games Computing CSC-30019 Module
Information Systems and Interaction CSC-10032 Module
Mobile Application Development CSC-20038 Module
Natural Computation CSC-10035 Module
Programming I - Programming Fundamentals CSC-10024 Module
Programming II - Data Structures and Algorithms CSC-20037 Module
Requirements, Evaluation and Professionalism CSC-10034 Module
Research and Consultancy Skills CSC-40050 Module
Research Horizons CSC-40041 Module
Software Engineering Project Management CSC-30016 Module
Statistical Techniques for Data Analytics CSC-40042 Module
System Design & Programming CSC-40044 Module
System Lifecycles and Design CSC-20022 Module
Third Year Double Project - ISP CSC-30014 Module
User Interaction Design CSC-40043 Module
Virtual Worlds CSC-20024 Module
Web Technologies CSC-20021 Module
Web Technologies and Security CSC-40046 Module

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