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Back to the future: issues in the history of schooling EDU-10067 Module
Childhood, Policy and Education EDU-10029 Module
Comparative Education EDU-20022 Module
Digital Technologies: Rethinking Learning and Teaching EDU-10068 Module
Dissertation studies EDU-40027 Module
Educating for Global Citizenship EDU-30082 Module
Education in Britain: Past, Present, Future EDU-10030 Module
Education Matters: Contemporary Issues and Debates in Education EDU-20024 Module
Education, Work and Identity EDU-30073 Module
Global Education Issues EDU-40100 Module
Inclusive Education EDU-30093 Module
Introduction to Theories & Methods as a Reflective Practitioner-Researcher EDU-40116 Module
Issues in Inclusive Education EDU-40118 Module
Leading Groups and Teams EDU-40042 Module
Play, Power and Pedagogy EDU-20023 Module
Progressive Education and its Discontents EDU-20034 Module
Race, Politics and Education EDU-30072 Module
Research Methods EDU-40123 Module
Research Methods and Evaluation EDU-40117 Module
Research Strategies and Methods in Education EDU-20020 Module
School Engagement and Outreach EDU-30106 Module
Special Education: introduction to theory and practice EDU-20019 Module
The making of professionals: Education, Health and Social Work EDU-30064 Module
Too Poor to Learn: Poverty, Education and Social Policy EDU-10072 Module
Understanding Learning EDU-10033 Module

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