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Composition ENG-10030 Module
Creative Writing: Poetry & Prose ENG-20030 Module
Criticism, Analysis, Theory ENG-40007 Module
Cultures and Contexts ENG-40011 Module
Dissertation in English - ISP ENG-30057 Module
Fiction Through Practice ENG-10023 Module
Freedom and Death: Female Self-Murder in the Nineteenth Century ENG-30079 Module
Gender and Power in Restoration Literature ENG-30077 Module
Literature and Society ENG-30084 Module
Medieval Literature ENG-20042 Module
Modernist Manifestos and Magazines ENG-30078 Module
Playing Parts: Studying Drama and Poetry ENG-10029 Module
Poetry through Practice ENG-10022 Module
Postcolonial and World Literature in English ENG-30056 Module
Postmodernism: Fiction, Film and Theory ENG-30053 Module
Reading Literature ENG-10026 Module
Revolution and Restoration: Literature of the English Civil War and Restoration ENG-20048 Module
Romanticisms ENG-20033 Module
Telling Tales: An Introduction to Narrative Fiction ENG-10028 Module
That womb where you imprison'd were: Pregnancy, Childbirth and Maternity in the Early Modern Period ENG-30076 Module
The Alcohol Question ENG-30073 Module
The Renaissance: Shakespeare and beyond ENG-20050 Module
Tristram Shandy ENG-30082 Module
Twentieth-Century British Fiction and Poetry ENG-20054 Module
Victorian Performances ENG-20034 Module
Violence and death in Shakespeare's theatre ENG-30083 Module
Work Placement for Humanities Students ENG-20055 Module
Working in Contemporary Literature and Film ENG-40050 Module
Writing at the Borders: Migrant and Refugee Narratives ENG-30080 Module
Writing Genre and Mode ENG-20049 Module
Writingscapes ENG-30072 Module

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