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Name Code Type
Advanced Topics in Sedimentology ESC-30034 Module
An Introduction to Sustainable Technologies ESC-40034 Module
Applied GIS ESC-30044 Module
Case Studies in Sustainability ESC-40030 Module
Clean & Green Technologies I: Power from Above the Earth ESC-40031 Module
Clean & Green Technologies II: Power from Beneath the Earth ESC-40032 Module
Clean Technology ESC-30040 Module
Clean Technology (Masters) ESC-40058 Module
Coastal Environments ESC-30027 Module
Contemporary Topics in Environmental Science ESC-30045 Module
Dissertation ESC-30047 Module
Dissertation (15-credit) ESC-30050 Module
Dissertation (MA) GEG-40007 Module
Dynamic Geographies (15 Credits) ESC-20050 Module
Economic Development and Environmental Transformation GEG-30016 Module
Entrepreneurship Level 4 ESC-10056 Module
Entrepreneurship Level 5 ESC-20065 Module
Environment and Sustainability Case Study ESC-30046 Module
Environmental Analytical Methods ESC-20032 Module
Environmental and Sustainability Impact Assessment ESC-20080 Module
Fundamentals of Physical Geography ESC-10039 Module
Geoscience and Society ESC-20037 Module
Glaciers and Glacial Geomorphology ESC-30006 Module
Global Environmental Change ESC-30018 Module
Global Warming or a New Ice Age? SGGE-00015 Module
Global Warming or a New Ice Age? ESC-10032 Module
Global Warming or a New Ice Age? (Foundation Year) ESC-00005 Module
Green IT ESC-40047 Module
Greening Business: Employability and Sustainability ESC-10043 Module
Human Impact on the Environment, Scientific Perspectives ESC-20017 Module
Hydrological and Engineering Geology ESC-30022 Module
Introductory Geology for the Environmental Sciences ESC-10045 Module
Local Case Studies in Environment and Sustainability ESC-30041 Module
MGeoscience: Natural Hazards ESC-40015 Module
MSc Environmental Sustainability and Green Technology SGGE-00002 Module
Natural Hazards ESC-30009 Module
Palaeoclimatology and Quaternary Studies ESC-20036 Module
People and the Environment ESC-10041 Module
PGT Research Programmes SGGE-00001 Module
Practical Physical Geography ESC-20029 Module
Regional Landsystems ESC-20030 Module
Research and Business Skills, Project and Portfolio Management ESC-40048 Module
Research and fieldwork planning ESC-20081 Module
Research Project ESC-40029 Module
Studying the Environment ESC-10061 Module
Water Resources ESC-30020 Module
Work Placement Module ESC-20051 Module
Work Placement Year ESC-30042 Module

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