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Advanced Topics in Forensic Analysis CHE-30035 Module
Counterfeits, Fakes and Forgeries CHE-20077 Module
Counterfeits, Fakes and Forgeries FSC-20011 Module
Criminalistic Methods FSC-20001 Module
Criminalistic Methods CHE-20010 Module
Digital Forensics CHE-20042 Module
Drugs of Abuse CHE-20012 Module
Evaluation of Evidence, Explosives and Arson CHE-30033 Module
Forensic Anthropology CHE-20047 Module
Forensic Anthropology and Taphonomy FSC-20007 Module
Forensic Chemistry and Analysis FSC-10003 Module
Forensic Dissertation CHE-30029 Module
Forensic Genetics CHE-20021 Module
Forensic Genetics FSC-20003 Module
Forensic Geoscience CHE-30034 Module
Forensic Identification and Investigation FSC-10005 Module
Forensic Science Skills and Practice FSC-10001 Module
Forensic Science Team Research Project - ISP CHE-30011 Module
Forensic Taphonomy CHE-20063 Module
Forensic Toxicology CHE-30010 Module
Interpretation, Evaluation & Presentation of Evidence - ISP CHE-30028 Module
Spectroscopy and Advanced Analysis CHE-20011 Module
Spectroscopy and Advanced Analysis FSC-20005 Module

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