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Advanced Petrology and Structural Geology Field Course ESC-30030 Module
Advanced Topics in Sedimentology ESC-30034 Module
Coastal Environments ESC-40040 Module
Coastal Environments ESC-30027 Module
Dissertation ESC-40044 Module
Earth Structure ESC-10074 Module
Economic Development and Environmental Transformation SGGE-00001 Module
Economic Geology ESC-30028 Module
Field Skills ESC-20104 Module
Geochemistry ESC-20064 Module
Geological Communication Skills ESC-30038 Module
Geology and Society ESC-20084 Module
Geoscience and Society ESC-20037 Module
Geoscience Data Interpretation, Analysis and Visualisation ESC-10047 Module
Geoscience: Independent Field Project ESC-30032 Module
Glaciers and Glacial Geomorphology ESC-30006 Module
Global Environmental Change ESC-30018 Module
Hydrological and Engineering Geology ESC-30022 Module
Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology ESC-20001 Module
Independent Fieldwork Project - ISP ESC-30039 Module
Introductory Geoscience ESC-10084 Module
Literature Review ESC-40042 Module
Literature Synthesis ESC-40003 Module
MGeoscience: Advanced Topics in Sedimentology ESC-40027 Module
MGeoscience: Economic Geology ESC-40026 Module
MGeoscience: Glaciers and Glacial Geomorphology ESC-40017 Module
MGeoscience: Global Environmental Change ESC-40018 Module
MGeoscience: Hydrological and Engineering Geology ESC-40020 Module
MGeoscience: Micropalaeontology: Principles and Applications ESC-40023 Module
MGeoscience: Natural Hazards ESC-40015 Module
MGeoscience: Structure and Geodynamics ESC-40024 Module
MGeoscience: Volcanic and Magmatic Processes ESC-40036 Module
MGeoscience: Water Resources ESC-40019 Module
Micropalaeontology: Principles and Applications ESC-30025 Module
Minerals and Rocks ESC-10070 Module
Natural Hazards ESC-30009 Module
Natural Hazards SGGE-00011 Module
Near-Surface Geophysics ESC-20098 Module
Palaeoclimatology and Quaternary Studies ESC-20036 Module
Petrology ESC-20082 Module
Research in Context ESC-40005 Module
Research Project ESC-40004 Module
Research Project Design and Management ESC-40046 Module
Research Report ESC-40006 Module
Research Skills ESC-40049 Module
Reservoir Geology and Geophysics ESC-30082 Module
Reservoir Geology and Geophysics (Masters) ESC-40073 Module
Spatial Geoscience Data Analysis ESC-40007 Module
Stratigraphy and Palaeontology ESC-10076 Module
Structure and Geodynamics ESC-30008 Module
The Earth System ESC-10048 Module
Volcanic and Magmatic Processes ESC-30033 Module
Volcanoes and the Environment ESC-20094 Module
Water Resources ESC-30020 Module

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