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'Empire of Liberty': Enslavement and Emancipation in American History HIS-10047 Module
'Eyes on the Prize': The Struggle for Civil Rights in America (Part II) HIS-30163 Module
'Shining City on a Hill'? The United States in the Twentieth Century HIS-20107 Module
A Civilising Mission? The Rise and Fall of the British Empire HIS-20099 Module
A Very Short History of Socialism HIS-20103 Module
Approaches To Historical Research HIS-40002 Module
Castle and Cloister in Medieval Europe, c. 900-1250 HIS-20072 Module
Company and Crown in India 1818-1928: the cultural history of the Raj HIS-20090 Module
Creating Britain, 1536-1707 HIS-20097 Module
Crisis, Rupture, and Opportunity HIS-30128 Module
Defining Moments in History, c.1000-2000 HIS-10044 Module
Dissertation for History - ISP HIS-30103 Module
Extinction: Existential Panics Since 1945 HIS-30145 Module
Eyes on the Prize: The Struggle for Civil Rights in America HIS-30157 Module
From Sawbones to Social Hero HIS-30101 Module
From Sawbones to Social Hero? Doctors and medicine 1808-1886 HIS-40045 Module
Gender and Sexuality in Georgian Britain HIS-30127 Module
Gender and Sexuality in Victorian Britain HIS-30126 Module
Histories of the Extraordinary and the Everyday HIS-10034 Module
History, Media, Memory: The Presentation of the Past in Contemporary Culture HIS-10026 Module
Medieval Europe and Its World HIS-10041 Module
Modern History HIS-10029 Module
Natural Cultures: Humans and their Environments since 1700 HIS-20091 Module
Rebels and Revolutionaries in Colonial American History (1607-1776) HIS-20105 Module
Reflective Practice In The Humanities HIS-40016 Module
Religion, Reform and Social Change in Eleventh-century Europe, I HIS-30153 Module
Research Skills in the Humanities HIS-40017 Module
Saints and Society in Medieval Europe HIS-20071 Module
Sickness and Suffering? Health, illness and medicine 1628-1808 HIS-30147 Module
Sites of Sexual Conflict in South Asia I HIS-30130 Module
Sources and Debates HIS-20101 Module
The Art of Dying: Death and Society in Medieval and Early Modern Europe HIS-30102 Module
The Contested City: A Spatial History of Rome, 1870-1978 HIS-30141 Module
The Early Modern World, 1490-1700 HIS-10045 Module
The English Civil War, c. 1640-46 HIS-30086 Module
The Era of Fascism (1919-1945) HIS-20113 Module
The History of the Camp: From the GULAG to the Jungle HIS-20092 Module
The Making of Contemporary Africa II HIS-30113 Module
The Making of Contemporary Africa since c.1945 HIS-30149 Module
The Making of Middle Britain: The Mercian Moment HIS-30135 Module
The World Turned Upside Down: the English Revolution, c.1646-53 HIS-30087 Module
Violence and Power in Antebellum America HIS-30159 Module

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