The study of international relations covers key issues of conflict, human rights, environmental change and globalisation

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Advanced Approaches to Politics and International Relations PIR-40132 Module
Advanced Approaches to Politics and International Relations PIR-40144 Module
British Government and Politics PIR-20074 Module
Contemporary International Relations Theory PIR-20076 Module
Crises, Conflict and Diplomacy PIR-40138 Module
Debates in American Politics PIR-10039 Module
Dimensions of Environmental Politics PIR-40106 Module
Dissertation in Politics and IR - ISP PIR-30130 Module
Freedom and Equality PIR-20066 Module
Global Governance of peace and security PIR-30164 Module
How to Think PHI-10011 Module
Human Rights: Concepts, Norms and Identities PIR-30126 Module
International Development: Environment and Conflict PIR-40152 Module
International Diplomacy PIR-40136 Module
International Organisation: Mitigating Anarchy PIR-20085 Module
International Politics of the Middle East PIR-20094 Module
International Relations Of Eurasia PIR-20062 Module
Introduction to Global Political Economy PIR-10058 Module
Introduction to International Relations PIR-10041 Module
Israel/Palestine: Key Debates and Issues PIR-30151 Module
Justice, Authority and Power PIR-10045 Module
Maritime Security PIR-40128 Module
Modern Democracies PIR-10055 Module
Modern Russia PIR-30142 Module
Policing International Order PIR-30118 Module
Politics and Security Dynamics in the Middle East PIR-40162 Module
Russian Politics and Society PIR-20078 Module
Securing Global Order PIR-10060 Module
The Changing World: A History of International Relations Since 1945 PIR-10043 Module
The international politics of war and memory PIR-40156 Module
The Politics of the European Union PIR-20081 Module
The Practice of Politics PIR-20065 Module
The US Presidency PIR-30117 Module
U.S Government and Politics PIR-20071 Module
Understanding Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism PIR-30114 Module
War, Memory and Popular Culture PIR-40126 Module
Why Policy Changes PIR-20068 Module
Why Politics Matters PIR-10038 Module

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