Single Honours and Dual Honours law will will develop your legal skills and knowledge through a deep understanding of the location of law in its social, political and economic context

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Name Code Type
Adult Safeguarding - Interventions LAW-40032 Module
Advanced International Law LAW-40042 Module
Best Interests Assessor LAW-40050 Module
Business Law (Law School) LAW-10027 Module
Business Leases: Termination and Renewal LAW-30077 Module
CAB Legal Research Placement LAW-30098 Module
Child Law LAW-30072 Module
Commercial Law LAW-30093 Module
Company Law LAW-30080 Module
Contact Law I LAW-20031 Module
Contract 2 - When Things Go Wrong LAW-20032 Module
Contract Law 1 (level 3) LAW-30071 Module
Contract law, When things go wrong LAW-30048 Module
Controversies in intellectual property law LAW-20047 Module
Criminal Law I LAW-20028 Module
Criminal Law I (Level 3) LAW-30085 Module
Criminal Law II LAW-20029 Module
Criminal Law II (Level 3) LAW-30086 Module
Dissertation LAW-40015 Module
Dissertation LAW-40030 Module
Dissertation (Double Module) ISP LAW-30083 Module
Dissertation (Single Module) ISP LAW-30084 Module
Employment Law LAW-30068 Module
Equality, Discrimination and Minorities LAW-40047 Module
Equity 1 LAW-30055 Module
Equity 2 LAW-30056 Module
Evidence LAW-30062 Module
Family Law - FHEQ Level 5 LAW-20046 Module
Foundations and principles of child care LAW-40001 Module
Foundations in Law and Society Research: Theories and Concepts LAW-40053 Module
Foundations Of Human Rights LAW-40048 Module
Foundations of International Law LAW-40040 Module
Gender, Sexuality and Law LAW-30091 Module
Health Care Law LAW-30088 Module
Human Rights and Global Politics LAW-40046 Module
International Environmental Law LAW-40043 Module
International Human Rights LAW-30081 Module
International Humanitarian Law LAW-40045 Module
International Law and Human Rights LAW-40038 Module
Introduction to Law (Foundation Year) LAW-00001 Module
Introduction to Public International Law LAW-20034 Module
Jurisprudence LAW-30082 Module
Land Law 1 LAW-20036 Module
Land Law 1 (Level III) LAW-30064 Module
Land Law 2 LAW-20037 Module
Land Law 2 (Level III) LAW-30065 Module
Law and Emotion LAW-20048 Module
Law and Ethics LAW-20038 Module
Law and New Technologies LAW-30097 Module
Law in Action LAW-20033 Module
Law of the European Union 1 LAW-30069 Module
Law of the European Union 2 LAW-30070 Module
Lawyers in Society LAW-20030 Module
Legal Skills LAW-10021 Module
Legal Systems LAW-10022 Module
Mental Health Law LAW-20045 Module
Professional Legal Skills - Interviewing, Mediation and Advocacy LAW-30102 Module
Public Law 1 - Constitutional Law LAW-10025 Module
Public Law 1 - Constitutional Law LAW-20042 Module
Public Law 2 - Administrative Law LAW-10026 Module
Public Law 2 - Adminstrative Law LAW-20041 Module
Safeguarding and Carers LAW-40031 Module
The skill of Mooting LAW-20052 Module
Torts 1 - Foundations LAW-10023 Module
Torts 1 - Foundations (Level 2) LAW-20039 Module
Torts 2 - Development (Level 2) LAW-20040 Module
Torts 2 - Developments LAW-10024 Module
Transnational Crime LAW-30094 Module

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