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Accounting Principles MAN-10015 Module
Advanced Financial Reporting MAN-30041 Module
Advanced Management Accounting MAN-30046 Module
Analysing Company Performance ISP MAN-30064 Module
Branding MAN-40047 Module
Branding MAN-40126 Module
Business Strategy MAN-30048 Module
Comparative Business Cultures MAN-30056 Module
Consumer Behaviour 1 MAN-10031 Module
Consumer Behaviour 2 MAN-20097 Module
Contemporary Challenges in Global Business MAN-40118 Module
Contemporary Issues in Management MAN-30047 Module
Contemporary Marketing Research MAN-40122 Module
Contemporary Retail Environments MAN-30053 Module
Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility MAN-20082 Module
Cost and Management Accounting MAN-20049 Module
Creating Sustainable Value Through Operations (SLMBA) MAN-40194 Module
Creativity, Innovation and Quality MAN-40090 Module
Creativity, Innovation and Quality MAN-40132 Module
Creativity, Innovation and Quality (SLMBA) MAN-40186 Module
Developing an Investable Business Plan MAN-40170 Module
Developing an Investable Business Plan (online) MAN-40148 Module
Digital and Marketing Communications MAN-20085 Module
Digital Marketing in Practice MAN-30067 Module
Digital Transformation and Information Management MAN-40098 Module
Digital Transformation and the Digital Organisation MAN-40136 Module
Digital Transformation and the Digital Organisation (SLMBA) MAN-40182 Module
Enterprise Business Plan MAN-30070 Module
Entrepreneurship MAN-40018 Module
Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Sustainable Development MAN-40206 Module
Financial Accounting MAN-10024 Module
Financial Management MAN-40092 Module
Global Business Environment MAN-10022 Module
Intermediate Financial Accounting MAN-20051 Module
International Business Context MAN-40114 Module
International Marketing Communications MAN-40130 Module
International Operations and Supply MAN-40110 Module
International Supply Chain Management MAN-20083 Module
Introduction to International Business MAN-10023 Module
Introduction to Research MAN-40084 Module
Leadership MAN-40056 Module
Leading and Complexity (online) MAN-40216 Module
Leading in a Complex World MAN-40146 Module
Leading in a Complex World (SLMBA) MAN-40174 Module
Leading Teams MAN-40158 Module
Management Accounting MAN-30045 Module
Management in Context MAN-10018 Module
Managine Diversity MAN-30071 Module
Managing in a Changing Society MAN-10030 Module
Managing in the Multinational Corporation MAN-20084 Module
Managing International projects MAN-30065 Module
Managing People & Organisations (online) MAN-40226 Module
Managing People and Organisations MAN-40096 Module
Marketing and Globalization MAN-30060 Module
Marketing Insights - ISP MAN-30058 Module
Marketing Management in the Digital Age MAN-40128 Module
Marketing Principles MAN-10019 Module
Marketing Research MAN-20059 Module
MBA Dissertation (online) MAN-40152 Module
MBA Entrepreneurship Dissertation (online) MAN-40154 Module
Multinational Enterprise Business Perspectives MAN-10026 Module
Operations and Quality Management MAN-20053 Module
Operations and Supply Chain Management (online) MAN-40212 Module
Opportunities and Challenges in Contemporary Management MAN-40112 Module
Organisational Behaviour MAN-20055 Module
Organisational Strategy in a Dynamic World (online) MAN-40144 Module
Organisational Strategy in a Dynamic World (SLMBA) MAN-40176 Module
People, Work and Organisations MAN-40142 Module
Processes and Projects MAN-40160 Module
Professional Development MAN-20090 Module
Research Methods MAN-40100 Module
Research Methods (online) MAN-40196 Module
Social Enterprise and Alternative Organising MAN-20093 Module
Sources of Finance and Funding for Entrepreneurs MAN-40150 Module
Strategic Marketing in a Global Context MAN-40140 Module
Strategic Marketing Management MAN-30063 Module
Strategic Marketing: Purpose, Process and Progress (Online) MAN-40208 Module
Strategy and Information Management MAN-40036 Module
Taxation MAN-20054 Module
The Audit Framework MAN-30039 Module
Understanding Consumer Behaviour MAN-40120 Module

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