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Abstract Algebra MAT-20025 Module
Algebra MAT-10047 Module
Analysis II MAT-20029 Module
Analytic Functions MAT-40011 Module
Applied Mathematics MAT-10051 Module
Calculus MAT-10046 Module
Complex Variable I and Vector Calculus MAT-20004 Module
Complex Variable II MAT-30010 Module
Computational Mathematics MAT-20031 Module
Continuum Mechanics MAT-40012 Module
Differential Equations MAT-20008 Module
Dynamics MAT-20005 Module
Exploring Algebra and Analysis MAT-20035 Module
Field and Galois Theory MAT-40016 Module
Financial Mathematics MAT-30039 Module
Fluid Mechanics MAT-30004 Module
Graph Theory MAT-30001 Module
Group Theory MAT-30013 Module
Hydrodynamic Stability Theory MAT-40004 Module
Introduction to Linear Elasticity MAT-30047 Module
Introduction to Probability and Statistics MAT-10057 Module
Investigations and Problem Solving MAT-10049 Module
Linear Algebra and Rings MAT-30045 Module
Linear Statistical Models MAT-20027 Module
Masters Project MAT-40003 Module
Mathematical Biology MAT-30023 Module
Mathematical Methods MAT-10043 Module
Mathematical Modelling MAT-30051 Module
Mathematical Techniques for Data Science MAT-10055 Module
Medical Statistics MAT-30014 Module
Non-linear Differential Equations MAT-30002 Module
Number Theory and Cryptography MAT-30038 Module
Numerical Modelling with Partial Differential Equations MAT-40014 Module
Partial Differential Equations MAT-30003 Module
Perturbation Methods MAT-40013 Module
Probability MAT-20023 Module
Professional Mathematics and Data Science MAT-20037 Module
Project II - ISP MAT-30016 Module
Statistics MAT-10053 Module
Topics in Group Theory MAT-40018 Module
Waves MAT-30011 Module

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