MSc or MRes in various aspects of Medical Engineering within the School of Pharmacy and Bioengineering: Biomedical Engineering; Cell & Tissue Engineering and Medical Engineering Design

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Biomaterials MTE-40036 Module
Biomechanics MTE-40023 Module
Biomedical Signal Processing and Modelling MTE-40031 Module
Bioreactors and Growth Environments MTE-40022 Module
Cell and Tissue Engineering MTE-40033 Module
Cell Biomechanics MTE-40034 Module
Engineering for Medical Applications MTE-30003 Module
Experimental Research Methodology MTE-40039 Module
Human Physiology and Anatomy MTE-30001 Module
Medical Device Design Principles MTE-40038 Module
Medical Equipment and Technology Services Management MTE-40029 Module
Nanomagnetics in Nanomedicine MTE-40030 Module
Physiological Measurement MTE-40026 Module
Project - medical technology MTE-40015 Module
Research Project PHA-40196 Module
Stem cell types, charateristiscs and appliations MTE-40028 Module

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