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Chinese (Mandarin) 1 CHI-90001 Module
Chinese (Mandarin) 2 CHI-90002 Module
French 1 FRE-90001 Module
French 10 FRE-90010 Module
French 2 FRE-90002 Module
French 3 FRE-90003 Module
French 4 FRE-90004 Module
French 5 FRE-90005 Module
French 6 FRE-90006 Module
French 7 FRE-90007 Module
French 8 FRE-90008 Module
French 9 FRE-90009 Module
German 1 GER-90001 Module
German 10 GER-90010 Module
German 2 GER-90002 Module
German 3 GER-90003 Module
German 4 GER-90004 Module
German 6 GER-90006 Module
German 7 GER-90007 Module
German 8 GER-90008 Module
German 9 GER-90009 Module
Japanese 1 JAP-90001 Module
Japanese 2 JAP-90002 Module
Japanese 3 JAP-90003 Module
Japanese 4 JAP-90004 Module
Japanese 5 JAP-90005 Module
Japanese 6 JAP-90006 Module
Russian 1 RUS-90001 Module
Russian 2 RUS-90002 Module
Russian 3 RUS-90003 Module
Russian 4 RUS-90004 Module
Russian 5 RUS-90005 Module
Russian 6 RUS-90006 Module
Spanish 1 SPN-90001 Module
Spanish 10 SPN-90010 Module
Spanish 2 SPN-90002 Module
Spanish 3 SPN-90003 Module
Spanish 4 SPN-90004 Module
Spanish 5 SPN-90005 Module
Spanish 6 SPN-90006 Module
Spanish 7 SPN-90007 Module
Spanish 8 SPN-90008 Module
Spanish 9 SPN-90009 Module

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