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Applied Life Sciences Placement - ISP LSC-30019 Module
Behavioural Neuroscience LSC-30052 Module
Biochemistry LSC-10064 Module
Brain Disease LSC-30063 Module
Current Research Topics in Neuroscience LSC-30042 Module
Double Applied Life Sciences Placement - ISP LSC-30038 Module
Introduction to Neuroscience LSC-10047 Module
Learning and Memory LSC-20076 Module
Life Sciences Dissertation LSC-30050 Module
Life Sciences Double Experimental Project (with research skills assessment) LSC-30045 Module
Life Sciences Single Experimental Project (with research skills assessment) - ISP LSC-30048 Module
Molecular Cell Biology LSC-10066 Module
Neuroanatomy LSC-20079 Module
Neurodevelopment LSC-20077 Module
Neurone to Brain LSC-20075 Module
Neuropharmacology LSC-20061 Module
Neuroscience Research Methods LSC-20078 Module
Physiology and Anatomy LSC-10074 Module
Regeneration and Repair in the Nervous System LSC-30039 Module
Research and Analytical Skills LSC-20056 Module
Special Senses LSC-30053 Module

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