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Acute Respiratory Deterioration and Critical Care PTY-40056 Module
Advanced Quantitative Data Analysis HLT-40002 Module
Applied Clinical Anatomy 1 PTY-40033 Module
Applied Epidemiology (online) PCS-40004 Module
Assessment and Measurement PTY-40046 Module
Behaviour Change for Health and Well-being PTY-40053 Module
Biomechanics MTE-40023 Module
Cell Biomechanics MTE-40034 Module
Community Action Targeting Health Inequalities PCS-40016 Module
Concepts of Neurological Rehabilitation PTY-40025 Module
Control of Communicable Disease and Environment Hazards (Online) PCS-40012 Module
Curriculum design and session planning PAR-40004 Module
Dynamic Ultrasound Imaging PTY-40034 Module
Educational Leadership PAR-40025 Module
Educational Media Design PAR-40013 Module
Effective Clinical Teaching PAR-40023 Module
Essentials of Manual Therapy Assessment PTY-40055 Module
Evidence-Based Practice PTY-40002 Module
Experimental Research Methodology MTE-40039 Module
Global Health (online) PCS-40010 Module
Governance and Assurance in Healthcacre CLM-40089 Module
Health Promotion (Online) PCS-40006 Module
Health Protection PCS-40008 Module
Health, Wellbeing and Behaviour Change PTY-40072 Module
Human Physiology and Anatomy MTE-30001 Module
Human Physiology and Anatomy MTE-40024 Module
Independent Study PTY-40016 Module
Introduction to Arthritis and Allied Conditions NUR-30018 Module
Introduction to Clinical Education PAR-40033 Module
Introduction to Research in Clinical Education (distance learning) PAR-40045 Module
Leadership and Complexity in Global Healthcare PCS-40022 Module
Leadership and Management for Healthcare Professionals CLM-40104 Module
Medical Device Design Principles MTE-40038 Module
Medical Education (Online) CLM-40002 Module
Medical Equipment and Technology Services Management MTE-40029 Module
MPH Dissertation Proposal (online) PCS-40018 Module
Physician Associate Dissertation CLM-40150 Module
Physician Associate Studies (2) CLM-40142 Module
Physicians Associate Studies (1) CLM-40140 Module
Physiology and Pharmacology of Pain PTY-40010 Module
Physiotherapy Management of the Complex Patient PTY-30060 Module
Principles of General Medicine (Physician Associate Apprenticeship) CLM-40176 Module
Psychosocial Aspects Of Pain PTY-40011 Module
Publication of a Clinical Education Research Project PAR-40065 Module
Reflective Clinical Teacher PAR-40021 Module
Research Methods in Health HLT-40001 Module
Selection and Recruitment in Healthcare PAR-40031 Module
Statistical Methods and Epidemiology (Online) PCS-40014 Module
Statistics & Epidemiology CLM-40003 Module
Teaching Methods and Theories of Learning PAR-40002 Module
Theoretical Perspectives on Simulation in Clinical Education PAR-40061 Module

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