The Keele MPharm course aims to provide highly skilled health care professionals and competent scientists, well prepared for roles in Pharmacy

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Name Code Type
BSc PSTaB Year 1 PHA-10015 Module
BSc PSTaB Year 2 PHA-20010 Module
BSc PSTaB Year 3 PHA-30011 Module
Cardiovascular Disease 1 PHA-40061 Module
Cardiovascular Disease 2 PHA-40067 Module
Central Nervous System PHA-40065 Module
Endocrine Disease PHA-40063 Module
Gastrointestinal Disease PHA-40062 Module
HIV & AIDS PHA-40060 Module
Infections PHA-40058 Module
Malignant Disease PHA-40056 Module
Medicines Optimisation and Patient Centred Care PHA-40131 Module
Mental Health PHA-40055 Module
Monitoring Therapy PHA-40053 Module
MPharm Programme Stage 1 PHA-10014 Module
MPharm Programme Stage 2 PHA-20009 Module
MPharm Programme Stage 3 PHA-30010 Module
MPharm Programme Stage 4 PHA-40120 Module
Personal Effectiveness and Collaborative Working PHA-40132 Module
Postgraduate Pharmacy PHA-40049 Module
Quality in Healthcare and Evidence Based Practice PHA-40121 Module
Renal Disease PHA-40052 Module
Respiratory Disease PHA-40051 Module
Surgical PHA-40050 Module

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