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Applied Mathematics and Statistics PHY-10032 Module
Applied Physics and Emerging Technologies PHY-20033 Module
Astrophysics Group Project and Science Communication - ISP PHY-30006 Module
Binary Stars and Extrasolar Planets PHY-30024 Module
Cosmology PHY-30001 Module
Data Analysis PHY-40029 Module
Data Analysis and Model Testing PHY-30027 Module
Dissertation PHY-30017 Module
Dissertation and Communication Skills PHY-30015 Module
Electricity and Magnetism PHY-10021 Module
Electricity and Stellar Structure PHY-10023 Module
Electromagnetism PHY-30012 Module
Galaxies PHY-20028 Module
General Relativity, Black Holes and Gravitational Waves PHY-30035 Module
Instrumentation Physics PHY-10031 Module
Introduction to Astronomy and Stellar Structure PHY-10029 Module
Life in the Universe PHY-30025 Module
Mathematical Physics PHY-20032 Module
Mechanics, Gravity and Relativity PHY-10022 Module
Nature of Matter PHY-10024 Module
Nuclear and Particle Physics PHY-20009 Module
Numerical Methods PHY-20030 Module
Optics and Thermodynamics PHY-20027 Module
Oscillations and Waves PHY-10020 Module
Particle Physics and Accelerators PHY-30033 Module
Polymer Physics PHY-30010 Module
Quantum Mechanics PHY-20006 Module
Quantum Mechanics II PHY-30029 Module
Radiation Physics PHY-20029 Module
Scientific Practice PHY-10030 Module
Scientific Programming PHY-10028 Module
Statistical Mechanics and Solid State Physics PHY-20026 Module
Stellar Astrophysics PHY-20002 Module

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