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African Politics PIR-20092 Module
British Government and Politics PIR-20074 Module
Comparative European Politics PIR-40096 Module
Contemporary Democratic Theory PIR-30150 Module
Contemporary International Relations Theory PIR-20076 Module
Debates in American Politics PIR-10039 Module
Dissertation in Politics and IR - ISP PIR-30130 Module
Environmental Politics and Policy PIR-20067 Module
Foreign Policy PIR-20090 Module
Freedom and Equality PIR-20066 Module
International Relations Of Eurasia PIR-20062 Module
Introduction to Global Political Economy PIR-10058 Module
Introduction to International Relations PIR-10041 Module
Justice, Authority and Power PIR-10045 Module
Modern Democracies PIR-10055 Module
Modern Russia PIR-30142 Module
Parliamentary Studies PIR-30160 Module
Policing International Order PIR-30118 Module
Politics of Development PIR-30147 Module
Race and Justice: Civil Rights in the U.S. PIR-40119 Module
Research in Action PIR-40095 Module
Russian Politics and Society PIR-20078 Module
Securing Global Order PIR-10060 Module
The Changing International Agenda PIR-40093 Module
The Changing World: A History of International Relations Since 1945 PIR-10043 Module
The Extreme Right in Western Europe PIR-30119 Module
The Geopolitics of Nationalism and Populism PIR-40142 Module
The Missing Dimension: Conspiracies, Spying and International Relations PIR-30025 Module
The politics of sustainability PIR-10047 Module
The Politics of the European Union PIR-20081 Module
The Practice of Politics PIR-20065 Module
The Rise of China PIR-30162 Module
The Theory of Global Security PIR-40088 Module
U.S Government and Politics PIR-20071 Module
Why Policy Changes PIR-20068 Module
Why Politics Matters PIR-10038 Module

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