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Anatomy, Physiology and Movement Science - Musculoskeletal (MSK) PTY-10053 Module
Anatomy, Physiology and Movement Science - Neurological, Cardiovascular and Respiratory (N, CVR) PTY-10055 Module
Applied Anatomy, Phyiosology and Movement Science PTY-10058 Module
Evidence Based Health and Rehabilitation PTY-20050 Module
Fundamentals of Physiotherapy Practice PTY-10057 Module
Health and Wellbeing PTY-10062 Module
Health and Wellbeing 3 PTY-30032 Module
Health Behaviour Change PTY-30049 Module
Implementing Evidence Into Practice PTY-20051 Module
Physiotherapy Management of the Complex Patient PTY-30048 Module
Physiotherapy practice: Cardiovascular and Respiratory PTY-20053 Module
Physiotherapy Practice: Musculoskeletal PTY-20054 Module
Physiotherapy Practice: Neurology PTY-20052 Module
Practice in Specific Populations PTY-20055 Module
Principles of Assessment & Measurement PTY-10061 Module
Principles of Rehabilitation PTY-10056 Module
Professionalism and Effective Communication PTY-10059 Module
Professionalism, Collaboration and Leadership PTY-30050 Module
Research Project: Physiotherapy PTY-30072 Module
Research skills - Physiotherapy PTY-20059 Module

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