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Anatomy, Physiology and Movement Science - Musculoskeletal (MSK) PTY-10063 Module
Anatomy, Physiology and Movement Science - Neurological, Cardiovascular and Respiratory (N, CVR) PTY-10064 Module
Ergonomics in the Workplace PTY-20045 Module
Exercise Science for Specialist Populations PTY-20032 Module
Exercise Testing and Prescription in Healthy Populations PTY-20063 Module
Global Healthcare Matters PTY-30037 Module
Health and the Environment PTY-20020 Module
Health and Wellbeing 3: Rehabilitation Science PTY-30038 Module
Health and Wellbeing Rehabilitation Science PTY-20033 Module
Lifestyle Risk Factor Modification PTY-20061 Module
Organisation and Management in a Rehabilitation Setting PTY-30039 Module
Physiology for Rehabilition PTY-30053 Module
Rehabilitation in Sport PTY-20047 Module
Rehabilitation in Sport PTY-30052 Module
Research Project: Rehabilitation Science PTY-30047 Module
Research Skills PTY-20043 Module
Undergraduate Rehabilitation Science Course (Year 1): Reading List for All Strands PTY-10041 Module

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