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Advanced Imaging Modalities RDI-30001 Module
Appendicular Anatomy RDI-10008 Module
Appendicular Anatomy and Image Evaluation RDI-10026 Module
Axial Anatomy RDI-10010 Module
Axial Anatomy and Image Evaluation RDI-10024 Module
Collaborative Practice 1: Professionalism & Effective Communication RDI-10002 Module
Collaborative Practice 2: Interprofessional Learning RDI-20001 Module
Collaborative Practice 3: Professionalism, Collaboration & Leadership RDI-30002 Module
Exploring Radiation Protection RDI-20005 Module
Foundations of Radiographic Science RDI-10003 Module
Foundations of Research and Radiographic Science RDI-10028 Module
Foundations of Research and Radiographic Science RDI-10012 Module
Human Body 3: Applying Knowledge RDI-30006 Module
Image Interpretation 1 RDI-10004 Module
Image Interpretation 2 RDI-20003 Module
Initial Image Commenting RDI-30005 Module
Introduction to Radiographic Practice RDI-10006 Module
Introduction to the Human Body RDI-10001 Module
Practice Experience 1 RDI-10030 Module
Practice Experience 1 RDI-10018 Module
Professional Development 1 RDI-10005 Module
Professional Development 2: Evidence Based Diagnostic Imaging RDI-20004 Module
Professional Development 3: Research Project RDI-30003 Module
Professional Development and Collaborative Practice RDI-10022 Module
Radiographic Appendicular Positioning and Image Evaluation RDI-10014 Module
Radiographic Axial Positioning and Image Evaluation RDI-10016 Module
Radiographic Practice 2 RDI-20006 Module
Radiographic Practice 3 RDI-30004 Module
The Human Body 2 RDI-20002 Module

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