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Advanced Qualitative Research Methods GRT-40018 Module
Approaches To Research Design And Process GRT-40023 Module
Celebrity SOC-30033 Module
City, Culture, Society SOC-20040 Module
Classical Sociology SOC-10014 Module
Contemporary Social Theory SOC-20049 Module
Crime, Morality and the Media SOC-20034 Module
Dissertation - ISP SOC-30028 Module
Families and Households: Diversity and Change SOC-20041 Module
Gender and Consumption SOC-30029 Module
Globalisation and its Discontents SOC-20043 Module
Home: belonging, locality and material culture SOC-30032 Module
Investigating Social Issues SOC-10021 Module
Mediated World SOC-10025 Module
Moving People: Migration, emotion, identity SOC-30042 Module
Philosophy of the Social Sciences SOC-40014 Module
Principles Of Social Science Research GRT-40022 Module
Producing Sociological Knowledge SOC-20060 Module
Qualitative Research Methods GRT-40021 Module
Quantitative Research and Data Analysis GRT-40020 Module
Research methods SOC-20046 Module
Researching British Society SOC-10012 Module
Sex, Death, Desire: Psychoanalysis in Social Context SOC-30034 Module
Social inequalities in the Contemporary World SOC-10009 Module
Social Movements SOC-20056 Module
Sociology Across the Life Course SOC-00001 Module
Sociology of Parenting and Early Childhood SOC-30030 Module
Streets, Skyscrapers and Slums: The City in Social, Cultural, and Historical Context SOC-30025 Module
The Anthropological Imagination SOC-10019 Module
Using Theory in Social Science Research GRT-40026 Module

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