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Academic, Fieldwork and Employability Skills ESC-10094 Module
Advanced Geographical Fieldwork GEG-30033 Module
Advanced Methods in Human Geography and Sustainability GEG-40018 Module
Advanced Traineeships in Geography, Geoscience and Sustainability GEG-40030 Module
Animals and Society GEG-30021 Module
Animals and Society (Masters) GEG-40008 Module
Applied GIS ESC-30044 Module
Applied GIS (Masters) ESC-40056 Module
Cartography and Geographic Information Science ESC-20102 Module
Coastal Environments ESC-30027 Module
Dissertation GEG-40026 Module
Earth's Changing Landscapes ESC-20110 Module
Economic Development and Environmental Transformation GEG-30016 Module
Economic Development and Environmental Transformation (Masters) GEG-40006 Module
Ecotoxicology and Risk Assessment ESC-30056 Module
Fundamentals of Physical Geography ESC-10039 Module
Geographical and Environmental Field Skills ESC-20106 Module
Geography (Single) Dissertation - ISP GEG-30008 Module
Geography Double Dissertation - ISP GEG-30006 Module
Geoscience and Society ESC-20037 Module
Glaciers and Glacial Geomorphology ESC-30006 Module
Global Environmental Change ESC-30018 Module
Greening Business: Employability and Sustainability ESC-10043 Module
Health Inequalities GEG-40028 Module
Health Inequalities GEG-30029 Module
Human Geographies GEG-10013 Module
Human Impact on the Environment, Scientific Perspectives ESC-20017 Module
Inspirational Landscapes GEG-30014 Module
Inspirational Landscapes (Masters) GEG-40003 Module
Key Themes in Human Geography and Sustainability GEG-40020 Module
Making Better Worlds GEG-20046 Module
More-than-human geographies GEG-20048 Module
Natural Hazards ESC-30009 Module
Nature, Conservation and Society GEG-10015 Module
People and the Environment ESC-10041 Module
Postcolonialism and Decolonisation GEG-30031 Module
Practical Human Geography GEG-20010 Module
Research Design ESC-40093 Module
Rural Geographies GEG-30020 Module
Rural Geographies (Masters) GEG-40005 Module
Space and Society GEG-20015 Module
Sustainability Consultancy ESC-30060 Module
Water in the Environment ESC-20100 Module

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