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A Guide to Success for International Students FYO-00103 Module
Academic and Professional Development FYO-00181 Module
Academic Development for Vocational Learners FYO-00104 Module
Academic Skills for Computer Scientists and Mathematicians FYO-00187 Module
Advancing Applied Maths and Computing - Logic, Codes and Cryptography FYO-00235 Module
Advancing Applied Maths and Computing - Making Decisions FYO-00233 Module
Advancing Business FYO-00255 Module
Advancing Chemistry FYO-00191 Module
Advancing Chemistry - Health FYO-00243 Module
Advancing Computing: Client-Led Collaborative Design FYO-00227 Module
Advancing Geography, Geology and the Environment FYO-00195 Module
Advancing Humanities FYO-00261 Module
Advancing Life Sciences FYO-00199 Module
Advancing Mathematical Methods FYO-00229 Module
Advancing Mathematical Methods - CH Physics FYO-00231 Module
Advancing of Human Biology for Health FYO-00239 Module
Advancing Physics (15 credits) FYO-00209 Module
Advancing Physics (30 credits) FYO-00207 Module
Advancing Programming FYO-00225 Module
Advancing Psychology FYO-00203 Module
Advancing Social Sciences FYO-00269 Module
Business Law FYO-00162 Module
Chemistry for Health Professionals FYO-00150 Module
Clinical Numeracy FYO-00002 Module
Communication Skills for Health Professionals FYO-00024 Module
Communication Skills for Scientists FYO-00034 Module
Decisions, Investigations and Problem Solving FYO-00122 Module
Electricity and Electronics FYO-00137 Module
Elementary Mathematical Methods II FYO-00054 Module
Elementary Mathematical Methods II (AIFY) FYO-00082 Module
Exploiting the Earth FYO-00135 Module
First Steps in Counselling Skills for Health Professionals FYO-00047 Module
Foundations in Business (Option) FYO-00253 Module
Foundations in Business - 1 FYO-00249 Module
Foundations in Business - 2 FYO-00251 Module
Foundations in Chemistry - Health FYO-00241 Module
Foundations in Health and Society FYO-00245 Module
Foundations in Humanities - 1 FYO-00257 Module
Foundations in Humanities - 2 FYO-00259 Module
Foundations in Law (Option) FYO-00273 Module
Foundations in Numerical and Quantitative Methods for Scientists FYO-00211 Module
Foundations in Social Sciences (Option) FYO-00267 Module
Foundations in Social Sciences - 1 FYO-00263 Module
Foundations in Social Sciences - 2 FYO-00265 Module
Foundations of Applied Mathematics (Mechanics and Statistics) FYO-00223 Module
Foundations of Chemistry FYO-00189 Module
Foundations of Computational Theory and Programming FYO-00221 Module
Foundations of Computational Thinking FYO-00219 Module
Foundations of Geography, Geology and the Environment FYO-00193 Module
Foundations of Human Biology for Health FYO-00237 Module
Foundations of Life Sciences FYO-00197 Module
Foundations of Mathematical Methods FYO-00217 Module
Foundations of Mathematical Methods - CH Physics FYO-00215 Module
Foundations of Numerical and Quantitative Methods for Health Science FYO-00213 Module
Foundations of Physics FYO-00205 Module
Foundations of Psychology FYO-00201 Module
Foundations: Breaking the code – understanding academic writing FYO-00247 Module
Further Calculus FYO-00132 Module
Further Statistical Techniques FYO-00140 Module
Imaging Physics FYO-00146 Module
Insight into Education FYO-00060 Module
Introduction to Ethics FYO-00059 Module
Introduction to Forensic Psychology FYO-00173 Module
Introduction to Health and Psychology FYO-00115 Module
Introduction to the Digital Business World FYO-00161 Module
Mechanics for Health FY FYO-00027 Module
Numerical Skills for Chemistry FYO-00075 Module
Numerical Skills for Pharmacy FYO-00004 Module
Numerical Skills for Physics FYO-00012 Module
People and Pathogens FYO-00125 Module
Personal Development for Health Professions FYO-00035 Module
Practical and Academic Skills in Science FYO-00185 Module
Sociology of Culture FYO-00128 Module
The Age of the Tudors FYO-00116 Module
The Art of Noise FYO-10011 Module
The Earth - What Lies Beneath? FYO-00123 Module
The Sound of Music FYO-00094 Module
The US and the Cold War - 1945-1991 FYO-00126 Module
Thermal Physics and Fields FYO-00136 Module
Understanding Narrative FYO-00019 Module
Understanding Poetry FYO-00018 Module
University Research Portfolio FYO-00271 Module

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