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Applied Concepts KIC-90007 Module
Biology KIC-00029 Module
Business Foundations KIC-10011 Module
Business Information Systems KIC-00039 Module
Business Studies KIC-00027 Module
Career in Healthcare KIC-00043 Module
Chemistry KIC-00033 Module
Computer Science Project KIC-90009 Module
Computer Systems and Networking KIC-10007 Module
Computing Skills KIC-10015 Module
Constitutional Law KIC-00019 Module
Critical and Creative Thinking KIC-90011 Module
Economics KIC-00045 Module
English for Academic Study 1 KIC-10017 Module
English Legal System KIC-00015 Module
Exploring the Social World KIC-00049 Module
Health and Policy KIC-00035 Module
Interactive Learning Skills and Communication 1 KIC-90019 Module
Introduction to International Business KIC-10003 Module
Introduction to Media and Communication KIC-00011 Module
Introduction to Politics and International Relations KIC-00051 Module
Mathematics 1 KIC-00059 Module
Mathematics 2 KIC-00061 Module
Numerical Techniques 1 KIC-00013 Module
Object-Orientated Programming KIC-10009 Module
Physics KIC-00031 Module
Practical Methods in Science and Technology KIC-00041 Module
Problem Solving and Modelling KIC-10005 Module
Programming Paradigms KIC-90013 Module
Programming Techniques KIC-00037 Module
Research Methods KIC-90017 Module
Research Methods (Management and Business Strategy) KIC-90015 Module
Research Skills KIC-90005 Module

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