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Animal Behaviour and Welfare VET-10007 Module
Animal Health Sciences VET-20003 Module
Animal Management for Health and Production VET-10005 Module
Business and Professional Skills VET-30017 Module
Clinical Medicine and Surgery VET-30035 Module
Communication and Professional Skills VET-20007 Module
Comparative Anatomy and Physiology VET-20001 Module
Law, Ethics and Professional Practice VET-30009 Module
Preparation for Clinical Practice VET-30003 Module
Professional Skills and Academic Practice VET-10009 Module
Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology VET-10001 Module
Veterinary Epidemiology and Population Medicine VET-20005 Module
Veterinary Pathology VET-30001 Module
Veterinary Public Health and State Veterinary Medicine VET-30007 Module

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